Cake Testimonials

Ash & Julian Cake.jpg

“I found amazing people to help out with the most expensive day of our lives. I could not recommend them enough… [including] the most amazing mountain-based cake baker in the world Rebecca from The Half Baked Moose” - Ashley, Bride.

Wedding featured on Polka Dot Bride (

“Don’t settle for a cake that just looks good. Go for the cake that pleases the taste buds as well as the eye! And this is it. @thehalfbakedmoose NEVER disappoint! You’ll even have those guests ‘that don’t really eat dessert’ going back for more. And my gosh, doesn’t it look beautiful! A true centrepiece of it’s own, that really does look as good as it tastes!“ - Collits Inn, Wedding Venue, Hartley Vale (



“Thank you sooo much for our wonderful cake! It was an absolute hit with everyone & we couldn’t believe how stunning it was!” - Ashleigh, Bride